Moja Partners

Moja has a strong focus on collaborating with caring entrepreneurs who share our passion for beautiful, handmade Berber carpets. If you have an eye for quality and admire true craftsmanship, Moja invites you to join her community of resellers.

As a Moja Partner, you have the opportunity to introduce the varying Moja products to your customers. Wether you prefer to do this via your unique shop, quality restaurant, rare atelier or online influence, all options are open to discuss. 

We believe that a happy community of partners is key to expanding the reach of these beautiful rugs and sharing them with a wide audience. Moja is committed to supporting her partners with marketing materials, a vast delivery service and all product information needed to help you succeed in creating many happy clients.

You are invited to reach out to Moja today so we can exchange thoughts and ideas. Please email us on

Thank you in advance and have a Moja day!

Our partners: